Hello from Yerevan, Armenia! After compulsive traveling basically every chance I could get for the past two years, I decided to scrap my life in Boston and go volunteer abroad semi-permanently. I ended up in Armenia in order to get a better grasp on my heritage, and also to turn a new page in my life. I'm working as an art therapist as well as a co-curator in a gallery in Yerevan, in addition to enjoying my life. Some new work I've made from the past year is also available to view in the galleries.


Site has gotten a big makeover, and should be much easier to navigate and see my work. New galleries with new work are up and running, enjoy! I have one piece up in Vivere until the end of December 2013. Come for the vigil on December 6th 6-8pm, or check out the show in person at 571 Columbus Avenue, Boston MA.


UPCOMING SHOW: Drawing Us Together • OPENING RECEPTION: May 26, 2011, 5-9 pm
LOCATION: House of Blues Foundation Room, 15 Lansdowne Street, Boston, MA 02215.
I have a piece in this competition, and would love to see some of your friendly faces come as well!


UPCOMING SHOW: Amniota & Arthropoda - April 4-9, 2011 • OPENING RECEPTION: April 7, 6-8 pm
LOCATION: The Art Institute of Boston Gallery at University Hall; 1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 02140.
Lots of new 2011 work will be up (not yet on the site!) so if you're in the area, definitely come. Wine and refreshments will be served.

Click image for Amniota & Arthropoda flyer!


I've made it back from India to the U.S. for my last semester of school as well as my upcoming graduation show, so you can expect lots of new pieces to come from the approaching semester. I will announce the date of the show when it is planned out. As for now, the work I did in India is now online. I made many handblock printed textiles while I was living in Jaipur, India for a month, and you can view them in the 2010 gallery. Enjoy!

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